I am the sweetest boy you will ever know. I started skydiving in 2016 and I'm part of the Team Greenhorn graduating class. I wanted to be like Sonic and started swooping. Maybe one day if I practice hard enough I will be as good as his jock strap. I also shoot video for 4 Way FS. Also following Sonic's foot steps in trying to be a top 4 Way video flyer the way he did for his team Ranch 2nd Generation. Among other talents i have, I acted in the award winning movie  'Larry the Life Guard'. I played the main character Larry, the hero in the film. On a side note, I have a twin brother who's pecker is twice the size of mine. He obviously got all the talent in our family.  

I started this stupid insta page 'Skydiving_Memes' page for fun, but I hope to turn it into a money making machine, So please buy a Jersey or T-Shirt to help me raise money to train swooping. Thanks and love to you all.